Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More Characters - Crash and Dash

Crash and Dash are the engineers on board the Infinite Salamander. In fact, the ship would still be grounded if it weren't for the ingenuity of these two. Cobbling together two different technologies from the drives of two grounded warships, "The Soul of Darkness" and "The Empress' Universe", Crash and Dash invented the one-of-a-kind "Blink Drive" that allows the Infinite Salamander to travel farther and faster than ever speculated.

Working below decks most of the time, this pair stays out of the spotlight unless things are blowing up on board their vessel - which happens way more often than one would hope. 

They are obsessed with three things: Cool technology, video games, and a data stream they have accessed from an alternate dimension called "YouTube".

When backed into a tough spot, Crash's IntelliDrill and Dash's AmpliWrench are put to good use in order to keep the voyages of the Infinite Salamander on course.

- Joe

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