Saturday, August 17, 2013

Character Bio - Wonk

His eyes say "No!", but his counter-programmed voice says, "Hey! What an Unspectacular Idea, Captain!"
This is Wonk.

Wonk makes me laugh.

Wonk was the very last character I was introduced to in the “Into the Void” universe. When Jim sent me the link to his old web series, this robot barely registered, but Jim loved him. After several meetings where I conveniently “forgot” to weave Wonk into the story arc, Jim talked to me about the character and his importance to the series.

And now that I get it, our story wouldn’t be complete without our metal pal, Wonk.

Wonk is a know-it-all and a worrywart. His internal processors are hyperlinked to the DUKK (Database Universal of Known Knowledge). Hurtling into the void with the crew of the Infinite Salamander, Wonk is the sole member of the crew able to instantly process the exact level of danger and odds of survival in each situation. It’s no wonder that the day-to-day adventures make him a bit nervous.

And, while Han Solo may bark out quips like, “Never tell me the odds”, Speedball tends to be a bit more hands-on as a tinkerer.

So, when Toad and Speedy first found, rebuilt, and activated Wonk, Speedy dubbed the ‘bot, “A bit of a wet blanket”. They shut him down and made a few adjustments. First, Wonk’s numerical functions were bypassed. Numbers are invisible to Wonk. That certainly has a lot of downsides, but it does stop him from quoting odds to the captain.

In addition, he his personality was completely overhauled. Wonk can only speak in a super-cheerful and optimistic manner.  So, even when there’s bad news, hey, it sounds like fun.
I hope when you read the first story arc, you’ll get to love this guy as much as I do.

-     - Joe

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