Thursday, August 29, 2013

Character Bio - MDK 3030

Here's another character designed by Jim that just jumped off the page when I started writing up the backgrounds and stories for "Into the Void". The visual style just suggested such a rich history and ripe storytelling options.

MDK was created to dominate any battlefield through superior firepower. Only one of the MDK 3030 series ever rolled off the production lines at SuperBattleTech, Inc. That wasn't the intention, but immediately after his microporcessors powered on, MDK 3030 utterly obliterated the manufacturing facility along with every security battle bot in a 7.5 mile radius. 

Fueled by both a nuclear reactor and a white hot robotic desire to smash, MDK menaced the outer planets of the Reiser system for three months until an full compliment of 10,000 army bots could be gathered for an all-out assault on the rogue bot. Nearly the entire planet was scorched in the battle, but MDK's rampage was finally stopped on Domidro. 

And, of course, that's exactly where Speedy and Toad found their "super-cool" space droid. Domidro had been "off-limits" for centuries after the battle. It was so long, in fact, that no one knew why the planet was quarantined. Which is why Speedy just had to take his ship down to the planet to investigate.

When they found MDK, his central processing system was burned out, which was surprisingly easy to fix. Speedy simply repurposed the processors from his favorite robotic toy bunny, including the ears, and - voila - almost as good as new.

MDK doesn't speak, as such, but he is now a loyal security chief for the Infinite Salamander. His newly-minted dual processing system is a source of great internal conflict as the cuddle routines clash against the murder routines that still course through his digital brain. However, his menagerie of pet bunnies helps him keep it all in check.

I can't wait until you see him in action.

- Joe

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