Monday, July 22, 2013

Main Characters

L to R: Toad, MDK 3030, Captain Speedball, and Wonk

Introducing (some of) the main cast of the upcoming comic series, "Into the Void". This all-ages action-adventure series follows the crew of the Infinite Salamander as they voyage through space and... well... into the void, as it were.

Some background on the comic

These character designs from Jim Mehsling are a couple of years old. 

Jim and I met at Krytpon Comics on "Free Comic Book" day. He was knocking out some beautiful artwork for the crowd, and we struck up a conversation.

Jim had an "Into the Void" webcomic that he had abandoned in late 2011 due to an overload of other projects. I took one look at the character designs and some of the old stories and was immediately impressed. Visually, it was easy for me to uncover the heart of each of these characters.

I offered to take over the writing duties and asked Jim if I could send him over some character bios. Luckily for me he agreed to take a look. Once he read over the bios and backgrounders, Jim jumped at the chance to work together, re-imagining and re-building the world of "Into the Void".

This blog will keep you all abreast of the latest developments as we march towards issue #1.

Questions and commentary are welcome as Jim and I march "Into the Void" with our first comic series!

- Joe

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